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Seattle, Washington Jan 13, 2024 ( - By Daniel J. Simms, Independent Journalist/Author/Podcast Host

Is it time for a genuine American paradigm shift? Millions of people across the United States were alarmed and shocked into action against the murder of George Floyd and the countless other atrocities rampant in the criminal justice system. Never before in human history had so many people risen up with one voice of outrage to demand change. Americans demonstrated against the current status quo in the criminal justice system. Protesters sought a sensible new path forward by defunding the police and the Department of Corrections (DOC). Demanding implementation of overdue reforms to law enforcement such as replacing police officers with social workers, rigorous deescalation trainings, and ending the self serving Qualified Immunity doctrine. They loudly demanded changes to DOC by turning all prisons into treatment and career centers, ending prisoner slavery, and reducing all sentences for non homicide down to a maximum of eight to ten years, et seq. Despite the referendum millions of Americans ratified in the streets of the United States all the demanded reforms were widely ignored by those in power.

In light of the American people's demands going unheeded, the and GAM Group, LLC, organizations, are embarking on an innovative way to change public perception surrounding reform efforts. For the first time in U.S. history a social justice mission intends to broadcast the activist journey through a groundbreaking reality show, entitled "LOVE AND PRISON ACTIVISM." It will showcase loved ones of the incarcerated (i.e. fathers, mothers, wives, children, etc.), those passionate for prison reform, and simply anyone affected by the current corrupt mass incarceration system. The episodes will for the first time reveal the inner secretive world of organizing, advocating, and protesting for prison reform. It will also humanize the endeavor by following the reality Stars throughout their love stories, struggles, and setbacks. The reality show hopes to elevate public opinion to end the failed experiment of mass incarceration and introduce a new paradigm of mass treatment and career centers. A similar socialization system has worked astonishing well in Norway, Germany, and Finland reducing recidivism down to twenty percent. As opposed to the dismal United States eighty two percent recidivism rate.

The producers, and GAM Group, LLC, plan on launching the effort on July 4th 2024. This will commemorate and honor our founders struggle for freedom and change from a failed experiment of colonialism. And to symbolically connect our peoples struggle for freedom and change from the current failed experiment of mass incarceration. Producers hope to audition prospective reality Stars in every State. Additionally every one that supports the cause can be filmed and included in the reality show at demonstrations across the Nation. So virtually every supporting American has the potential of becoming a reality Star. The goal is to have Viacom, and other distributors, broadcast the reality show through their networks MTV, VH1, BET, CBS, and many more. Producers estimate the cost of filming, editing, and promotion will cost at least six hundred thousand dollars. Supporters will have the opportunity to ensure their personal appearance in the reality show by contributing towards the production.

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