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Bowie, Maryland Jan 4, 2024 ( - Jamie is fighting to reclaim custody of her dog, Angus, which took place amidst tragic circumstances. Jamie's fiancĂ© tragically ended his life in October of 2023 and the aftermath of suicide is taking an unfortunate twist while finding the right guardian for Angus. While Jamie is the rightful guardian, an unrelated individual has assumed custody of Angus named Steven Bauman who has arranged a GoFundMe for Angus's care which is a fraud attempt to exploit people. Jamie's ample means and desire to provide for her companion without soliciting funds is much more required for poor Angus than a GoFundMe campaign. It is an insult to Jamies role as co-owner and belittles the profound relationship she shared with Angus.

Beware of The GoFundMe page titled "Angus New Family Could Use Your Support!" organized by Steven Bauman can be accessed via the following link: Angus New Family Could Use Your Support! With Jamies plea to The Buddy Center in Castle Rock Colorado, the current situation serves as a critical call for re-evaluating pet custody protocols in the unforeseen events of the aco-owners passing. With unbridled resolves for Angus, Jamie is working with Hideout Investigations and shares a commitment to justice and a passion for animal rights to provide their support in this case. The happiness and companionship of Angus are now missing and Jamie is desperate to bring her furry child back by all means. She is currently asking for community support and legal expertise to bring Angus home, where he belongs.

Steve Bauman, a Verizon employee in Bowie, Maryland was an accomplice in his kidnapping and knows where Angus is. He could be either near Bowie, Maryland, or Villanova, Pennsylvania. A police report has been filed by Jamie and it was accepted in Castle Rock, CO. There is a $2000 cash reward for information leading to the recovery of Angus. Anyone who gets to see Angus, the Rottweiler/Shepherd Mix dog with an orange and black color, can get in touch with Hideout Investigations/PI Guys or Jamie Balogh (Jardim) @ 303-218-8123. $2000 reward, no questions asked for Jamies safe return to Littleton, CO.

Hideout Investigations
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