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Fort Lauderdale, Florida Jan 16, 2024 ( - After being featured in WSVN's Spotlight series,, which celebrates positive change-makers in South Florida, she started getting requests from other cities on how they can do the same in their city. 

In response to the growing demand, the nonprofit Brushstrokes for History, founded by the 18-year-old Danzig, is set to expand beyond its successful start in Fort Lauderdales Sistrunk area. Brushstrokes' innovative approach uses the power of art to breathe new life into local histories, fostering community pride and revitalization. The before and after pictures tell the story best. 
Brushstrokes for History's mission is to serve as the brush that paints the history of communities that may be overshadowed. Through collaboration between artists and residents, the organization transforms wooden panels, originally used to cover broken doors and windows, into beautiful works of art. This unique method of storytelling through art has empowered residents and artists alike, turning neglected buildings into symbols of community pride and history.

This expansion even extends beyond US borders, with interest coming from Windsor, Ontario Canada in establishing a new chapter, marking the initiative's first foray into international collaboration.

Our journey in Sistrunk was just the beginning. I see Brushstrokes for History not just as an art project, but as a worldwide movement to rejuvenate and connect communities through their rich histories, Danzig explains. Every city has a story to tell, and were here to bring those stories to vivid life.

The initiative's impact in Fort Lauderdale came into clear focus when over 75 faculty and staff from Broward College, joined by alumni and local leaders like Vice Mayor/Commissioner Pamela Beasley-Pittman, joined Brushstrokes for History in transforming a historic building in Sistrunk. Their efforts showcased the potential of community transformation through art.

Further elevating its profile, Brushstrokes for History collaborated with the NFL for a painting event, successfully hosting a pop-up art show with more than 80 attendees, including three NFL players, showcasing the universal appeal of this unique intersection of art, history, and community. 

Danzig's vision is clear: "Every city has unique historical gems that are often overlooked. Our mission is to illuminate these stories, engaging local communities in a shared effort to celebrate and preserve their heritage. We believe this can be a catalyst for change, inspiring a brighter, more connected future for all."

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With this in mind, Danzig encourages those inspired by this movement to get involved. She is calling on anyone interested in starting a Brushstrokes for History chapter in their hometown to please contact her at We're excited to grow this initiative and see how communities around the world can unite through their shared histories and art," she added.

As Brushstrokes for History prepares to paint its narrative across more cities, it invites communities everywhere to rediscover and honor their local histories through the transformative power of art.

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